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Winter Paintings

January 23rd, 2014

winter paintings

Carole Spandau Painting PEACE TOWER IN OTTAWA Was Chosen to represent International Day Of Quietude April 25,2012

April 29th, 2012

Above is a link to the page in the article where my painting was used to illustrate against noise pollution.
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Montreal Metro Newspaper Interviews Artist Carole Spandau Re Her City Scenes

April 29th, 2012


Carole Spandau, is an artist who specializes in urban scenes of Montreal.

Is Montreal is a beautiful subject to paint?

Absolutely. I started painting portraits. Then I wanted to represent the "face" of Montreal. Montreal is a beautiful city. Forget the potholes. Those who live here do not always realize how lucky they are. If
people raised their eyes a little and looked at the buildings ...

What fascinates you about Montreal?

Convenience stores! This is typically Montreal. I like to paint Park Avenue, with the Rialto. The architecture is incredible. The Plateau is my playground. I challenge you to name another city where there are
exterior stairs on three floors. They are anywhere in the Plateau. All our neighborhoods, for examlpe, Saint-Henri, have retained their respective character. We tend to take it for granted. The joy of life is
important in Montreal. My winter scenes are very colorful, and I like to use warm colors. I also love to paint Old Montreal in the summer.

Is there a place you would not want to paint?

As an artist, I always try to make an area more beautiful than it really is. I notice the details. I could pass by building without noticing it, but if I took a closer look, I would always find something beautiful
and intriguing about it. But I never would paint a mall. The condos are not easy to paint either. This is a bigger challenge. These are large squares. I always add a little human presence, flowers, dogs,

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