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Winter in the city

January 22nd, 2022

Winter in the city

Winter in the city,

a string of staircases,

winter in the city.

Bare branches, stripped of their maple foliage,

icy staircases encased by frost and froth,

the crusty crunch our footsteps make

winter in the city.

Sunday stroll with Mom,

destination depanneur,

winter in the city.

Brownstones in burnt sienna,

blue banks of ceruleum

surrounding sparkling piles

so neatly nestling neighbors,

winter in the city.

Spring sun strives to spin pale lemon through

magenta colored distant trees,

winter in the city,

as seasons slowly cede.

Carole Spandau May 2,2018

The Night Poseidon Came

January 15th, 2022


She gazes into the cracking mirror of her soul,

remembers well the heroic seafaring man

who so valiantly appeared to save her from herself

that magic night when waves were harps

she still a mere girl when life's cruel forms

appeared to entice, to beckon, she dreamt her escape

but no one came, the black sea roared beneath her mantel

pulling her back to her fears of that solitary watery grave

until one eve, a ship, perhaps of hearty buckaneers appeared,

their loud and riotous sounds like magnets drew her near

the moonlight lit her face for him who came ashore for that one night

the dance of life the stars they hid until goodbye to her he bid

the sea was stronger than love for him, but she remembered

his ship , the stars , his grip on her..

until that final night when Poseidon came.

by Carole Spandau 2010

My working Methods

January 15th, 2022

You inquired as to my working methods...

Would that the universe would provide us with the perfectly paintable scene,

just sitting there, with every variable in place..

Perhaps one or twice during my forty years an artist

have the heavens deposited such perfection at my doorstep..

but for the most part, I rely on my Beaux Arts training,

where with sketchbook in hand and idea in mind

we scoured our urban landscape in search of greener pastures

and that magically elusive PERFECT COMPOSITION

but in truth, combining elements, a figure from here,

a tree from there, a cloud from yonder, a shadow from somewhere

colors of the heart, exuberance from the soul,

personal reference material via old photos gathered to be sure

but none to replace the 15 years spent, sketchbooks in hand

as day by day I led my grade 10 and 11 art classes

along the dusty sidewalks of Plateau Montreal

sketching firsthand the beauty and historicity of my city

The sights, smells and sounds of the city...

often absent in the sterile eye of the camera....

ever present in the fond heart of the composer.

The African Prince

January 15th, 2022


Centuries ago a young seeder walked through an open field...nothing but air

Grand dad was tossing grasses and succulents but the boy was not there

His dreams took him to far away lands where sun and heat had cooled

Where one day he could travel and learn, his dream of being schooled

Absent of thought tossed he his final seed into a giant well, a pit of great dimension

Something was different this time...Sizzles, eruptions the earth groaned its acceptance

When he in manhood returned fifty years hence, his oak, the tower of his labor proclaimed

A wondrous sight for all his tribesmen and clan...a sturdy giant, a friend unnamed

That stood the test of time and man, outlasting kings and peasants alike

Centuries later a group of classmates play under protective wings and might

The old tree has seen them before, their laughter fills his ears to bursting

Their youthful joy soothes his bark and cools his limbs, his soul is thirsting

For them to dance within the protective shelter of his loving embrace

The Serengeti winds have passed, the children`s shadows but a trace

For him the Oak alone he waits, stands on guard, the African prince

Protecting his families to shelter them tomorrow and tomorrow hence.

by Carole Spandau 2010

The life of the Working Artist

January 15th, 2022

A frustrated writer myself, I have at times delved into the world of poetry, sometimes a soul searching excursion helps to put the painting train of thought back on track...I submit here, for your kind perusal my thoughts, hastily scribbled after my recent fall art show at a local mall.


hello again he said to me,
mellowed now, a kinder he
with understanding for my plight
to place the paintings within sight
A store you need, not like this
Last year, he bellowed with a hiss
we had the spot, the place, the store
for 15 years, a few years more
The market changed, the people too
So what's an artist supposed to do
the galleries, one by one
they are now closed, they had their run
Rents they soared, folks lost their cash
economies failed, world markets crashed
but as for me I make my life
thru painting, teaching, not in strife
I must make art, paint and emote
And people buy, though far remote
They sold large homes, have fewer walls
we still sell gifts, get many calls
Adapt I must, and you must to
In life things change, they always do
So we must change, if we want sales
give customers their wants, still prevails
thus twice a season, I drag my chairs
And frames, and paintings, take I my wares
Naked I, out in that mall,
Vulnerable, visible, a thorn to all
they want the largest, cannot pay
In anger, arguing , they walk away
now I sell small, and make them smile
Take a few bucks off, linger they awhile
We share our lives, in that brief time
They own my work, it is sublime
To think that in these heartfelt years
so many folks were brought to tears
with anniversary, birthday gifts
my patrons now, I see the shifts
Now home I am, recoup, rethink
I gave out cards, with folks I link
Commissions now I have to paint
My large ideas, they have to wait
While though creative,' I will always be
Practical, reasonable, that's also me
They tell you colors, subjects they need
And to their words, I so must heed
This week, I cook, I clean, I draw
I've shared with you the things I saw
It's still out there, the artist's dream
Though tarnished now, not so clean
We still must do what we do best
Much more to paint...before we rest.
I leave you with these words of love
The universe approves from up above
We have been gifted, need to create
Sharing ourselves, our own lives often wait
To put on canvas, ourselves, our dreams
I have made sacrifices, gone to extremes
The fire within still burns so strong
Does fame await?'s been so long..
But paint I must, and paint I will
this artist's life, I must fulfill...

carole spandau..Nov 1, 2010

Snow Hockey and Local Shops Charming Montreal Street Scenes by Carole Spandau

January 14th, 2018

Snow Hockey and Local Shops Charming Montreal Street Scenes by Carole Spandau

Hockey, local shops, winter, summer, cafés, churches, carriages—Canadian artist and educator Carole Spandau (born 1948) depicts these subjects in her bright and bold Montréal scenes that exude a sense of community, cosiness and a great fondness for one’s native soil. The most magical pieces of the collection are those with dark red townhouses and snow on the streets.

Having grown up in a household that revered education, Carole received her first art history books as presents from her uncle for her fifth birthday. At nine, she got an opportunity to study art formally at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts under the leadership of Arthur Lismer, the founding member of Canada’s Group of Seven who were colourful landscape painters.

Carole went to Baron Byng High School which was known for many famous teachers and graduates, including the great urban author and storyteller, Mordecai Richler—who influenced her desire to explore, document and paint those very same Plateau streets which he fictionalized in his books.

“After all,” writes the artist, “I was born in that Plateau Mont Royal neighbourhood as was my mother and her two brothers. I listened with awe as she talked about her childhood, growing up on such lively spirited streets with many tasty Mom and Pop shops, colourful noisy food vendors and the many new immigrants speaking every imaginable language. Montréal was truly a melting pot back then. I could literally visualise my future paintings.

“From older works to current new city scenes I keep returning to my roots. The pull to discover a new vision still fascinates and draws me back to those gritty unchanging streets with their tall and winding staircases which are interesting to look at, complicated to paint and treacherous to climb especially on freezing, cold and snowy January days.”

Carole continues with some words of wisdom for aspiring artists: “If you are passionate about your artistic dream, if you really know in your heart you have something of value and different to contribute to your time here, then just do it, live it.

“You must put in the necessary hours, long months and years of hard work into finding your true style, your own voice; write your personal stories, but never jump the queue. Learning from those you admire is okay; claiming their ideas and position is not. Do not be derailed, become the definitive voice of your generation.

“There is room for everyone in this endless chord from Paleolithic times through the centuries; countless great books to read and cherish, magnificent museum masterpieces to admire and appreciate, wonderfully sonorous recordings to fill our rooms and uplift our spirits. And yet somehow there is still room for each of us and for new future artists to add their particular mark and flavor. But you must know who you are. What makes your work unique, special and different. Study, be receptive, be intuitive, be persistent, be flexible; be open to new ideas, be aware, be well-organised.”

In 1970, Carole obtained a B.A. in Plastic Arts from the University of Québec à Montréal and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education from McGill University. She has also studied Art History at Concordia. She is represented by Galerie Atelier Toile Étoile and licenses her paintings for CDs, books, magazine covers, calendars, jigsaw puzzles, cards, e-cards and websites.

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Winter Paintings

January 23rd, 2014

winter paintings

Carole Spandau Painting PEACE TOWER IN OTTAWA Was Chosen to represent International Day Of Quietude April 25,2012

April 29th, 2012

Above is a link to the page in the article where my painting was used to illustrate against noise pollution.
Photography Prints

Montreal Metro Newspaper Interviews Artist Carole Spandau Re Her City Scenes

April 29th, 2012


Carole Spandau, is an artist who specializes in urban scenes of Montreal.

Is Montreal is a beautiful subject to paint?

Absolutely. I started painting portraits. Then I wanted to represent the "face" of Montreal. Montreal is a beautiful city. Forget the potholes. Those who live here do not always realize how lucky they are. If
people raised their eyes a little and looked at the buildings ...

What fascinates you about Montreal?

Convenience stores! This is typically Montreal. I like to paint Park Avenue, with the Rialto. The architecture is incredible. The Plateau is my playground. I challenge you to name another city where there are
exterior stairs on three floors. They are anywhere in the Plateau. All our neighborhoods, for examlpe, Saint-Henri, have retained their respective character. We tend to take it for granted. The joy of life is
important in Montreal. My winter scenes are very colorful, and I like to use warm colors. I also love to paint Old Montreal in the summer.

Is there a place you would not want to paint?

As an artist, I always try to make an area more beautiful than it really is. I notice the details. I could pass by building without noticing it, but if I took a closer look, I would always find something beautiful
and intriguing about it. But I never would paint a mall. The condos are not easy to paint either. This is a bigger challenge. These are large squares. I always add a little human presence, flowers, dogs,

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