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The Colors Of Canadas Passion

January 20th, 2022

The Colors Of Canadas Passion

The Colors of Canada’s Passion
Artist Profile — Carole Spandau
Sparks fly from the keyboard when two of my interests intersect. It’s happening today as I write about art and ice hockey. Yup — this lover of art and design teared up Friday when Bobby Orr carried the Olympic flag, and has been known to wake her babies when Joe Thornton scores a goal.

With the Olympics in Canada, I thought it a perfect opportunity to introduce you to Canadian artist Carole Spandau who—with brush and pigment—tells the story of Canada’s national winter sport.

Snowy hockey Game at Wilensky's

In her Canadian hometown, affection for the sport is hereditary. “Montreal is now, and basically has forever been referred to as Hockey Town,” said Carole.

“I grew up in the sixties, watching the great Maurice Richard score goals for the Montreal Canadiens—the Habs—as they are also called. I...

Montreal, Une Belle Ville

January 15th, 2022

Montreal, Une Belle Ville

À force d’y vivre, on n’y prête plus attention. On aime son quartier, on perd patience en roulant dans les nids de poule et on se décourage devant tant de nouveaux condos. Mais dans son ensemble, Montréal est-elle une belle ville? Métro a demandé l’avis de quatre personnes qui ont l’habitude de poser leur regard sur la métropole.

Carole Spandau, peintre qui se spécialise dans les scènes urbaines montréalaises
Est-ce que Montréal est un beau sujet à peindre?
Absolument. J’ai commencé en peignant des portraits. Puis, j’ai eu envie de représenter le «visage» de Montréal. Montréal est une belle ville. Oubliez les nids de poule. Ceux qui y vivent ne réalisent pas toujours la chance qu’ils ont. Si les gens levaient un peu les yeux et regardaient les immeubles…

Qu’est-ce qui vous fascine à Montréal?
Les dépanneurs! C’est typiquement montréalais. J’aime peindre l’avenue du Parc, avec le Rialto. L’architecture y est...

Snow Hockey And Local Shops Charming Montreal Street Scenes By Carole Spandau

January 14th, 2018

Snow Hockey And Local Shops Charming Montreal Street Scenes By Carole Spandau

Hockey, local shops, winter, summer, cafés, churches, carriages—Canadian artist and educator Carole Spandau (born 1948) depicts these subjects in her bright and bold Montréal scenes that exude a sense of community, cosiness and a great fondness for one’s native soil. The most magical pieces of the collection are those with dark red townhouses and snow on the streets.

Having grown up in a household that revered education, Carole received her first art history books as presents from her uncle for her fifth birthday. At nine, she got an opportunity to study art formally at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts under the leadership of Arthur Lismer, the founding member of Canada’s Group of Seven who were colourful landscape painters.

Carole went to Baron Byng High School which was known for many famous teachers and graduates, including the great urban author and storyteller, Mordecai Richler—who influenced her desire to explore, document and paint those very same...